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Mobile Internet Services

      4G LTE mobile internet that gives you the possibility to:

  • Use the fastest technology for mobile internet available so far;
  • Watch real time videos and films with HD quality without buffering and pausing;
  • Conduct real time video conferences on the go with perfect picture and sound;
  • Play online games on the go with latency compared to your fixed connection.

Choose price plan from "Plan "Student Data""

Student Data 50

11.90 lv.
Price plan:
Student Data 50
Monthly subscription:
11.90 lv.
Contract duration:
Included traffic:
Included traffic at maximum speed (in MB)***:
50 GB
Maximum internet access speed (in Mbps):
Download: up to 110 Mbps, Upload: up to 35 Mbps
Internet access speed after exceeding the included traffic at maximum speed (in Kbps):
up to 256/128 Kbps
Device for use of the service:
SIM Card
Use 50 GB 4G mobile internet monthly at maximum speed up to 110/35 Mbps for download/upload. After you exceed your data plan usage you have unlimited internet access up to 256/128 Kbps for download/upload.
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** The service is available within 4G LTE network coverage area of

*** Unused traffic at maximum speed will not be transferred to the next period.

**** reserves the right to limit the speed of subscribers who are using too much network resources to the detriment of other users in times of peak mobile internet usage. reserves the right to limit the speed of subscribers with too big monthly download and/or upload volume, that constitutes more than 350 GB of traffic per month.